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17-Feb-2004 10:47 AM
 Check this out Post Reply
Community member
Location: Canada
Home Coutry:
Hey guys. This is funny, kinda throws you back in time I found 2 of my profs here.

17-Feb-2004 11:32 AM
 Re: Check this out Post Reply
Community member
Location: United States
Home Coutry:

Hey Tara,

Thers another one fyi - .

This one is primarily for professors in US.I havent been to look forward to.

Yeah its fun .Enjoy ppl.

18-Feb-2004 05:49 AM
 Re: Check this out Post Reply
Community member
Location: Armenia
Home Coutry:
Taras jan, this was very cool
I found all my professors here (well, alsmost all... ) not that I took the time or cared to rate... but it was interesting to see how others had rated them ))

Stay well,

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