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09-Dec-2005 03:36 AM
 CALL FOR PAPERS- CESS Annual Conf., Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2006, Univ. of Michigan, Ann-Arbor Post Reply
Location: Germany
Home Coutry:

Central Eurasian Studies Society
Seventh Annual Conference (2006)

September 28-October 1, 2006
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.

proposals for the Seventh CESS Annual Conference, September 28-October 1,
2006, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The event will be held at the University of
Michigan, hosted by the Center for Russian and East European Studies, the
Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies, and the Department of
Near Eastern Studies.

Panel and paper topics relating to all aspects of humanities and social
science scholarship on Central Eurasia are welcome. The geographic domain
of Central Eurasia extends from the Black Sea and Iranian Plateau to
Mongolia and Siberia, including the Caucasus, Crimea, Middle Volga,
Afghanistan, Tibet, and Central and Inner Asia. Practitioners and scholars
in all humanities and social science disciplines with an interest in
Central Eurasia are encouraged to participate.

The program will feature approximately 60-70 panels in sessions running from
Friday morning to mid-day on Sunday (up to eight panels at one time). There
will also be a supplementary program including films and other cultural events,
a welcoming reception on Thursday, and a conference dinner on Friday. The
keynote speaker will be Dr. Juan Cole of the University of Michigan, a
keen observer of the Middle East and Central Eurasia.

Submissions of pre-organized panels are strongly encouraged and will be
given some preference in the selection process. Individual papers are also
welcome and will be assigned by the program committee to an appropriate
panel with a chair and a discussant. Those wishing to organize panels are
encouraged to use the Central Eurasian Scholars Network (CESN; see web
address for information below) to make contact with interested colleagues,
and may also contact Dr. Laura Adams on the Program
Committee for assistance in developing ideas for panels, recruiting
participants, etc.

We also welcome attendees who do not wish to participate in a panel. For
more information, see the Registration/Pre-registration Form:

There has been a huge growth in interest in the CESS conference as our
society has become more established. Over the past three years, attendance
has averaged about 500 per year, with dozens of countries and all major
fields of scholarship represented. We expect a similar number to attend in

Please note that due to this high level of interest, and the fact that the
total number of participants in CESS 2006 will be more limited due to space
constraints, we anticipate that the selection of papers will be very
competitive, and we encourage all who hope to attend to consider working
with colleagues to arrange a pre-organized panel, as this will improve your
chances of acceptance. Due to space limitations, we may have to close
registration when capacity is reached, and thus, non-presenting attendees
are urged to pre-register to ensure that their place is reserved.


The Conference Committee accepts ONLY ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS -- either by
webform (see forms for Pre-organized Panels and for Individual Papers at:, or by an e-mailed form in
MS Word format in the case of those who don't have web access. This is
because website submissions can more easily be processed than other methods,
and we have limited resources to manage the hundreds of submissions that we
anticipate receiving. Those who don't have access to the website may
contact us and we will e-mail the submission forms in MS Word format.

The following information is required for submissions; we suggest that you
prepare the text before accessing the website so you can simply paste the
information into the form (but do not send it without the form!):

FOR PAPER PRESENTERS: 1) Name, 2) Current institutional affiliation, 3)
Title/position, 4) E-mail, 5) Postal address, 6) Telephone, 7) Fax, Title
of Paper, 9) Abstract of Paper (a summary of the paper of 200-300 words;
abstracts longer than 300 words may be rejected), 10) Any audio-visual
equipment requests (specify -- e.g., overhead projector, slide project,
video player), 11) A one-page CV which contains the information which the
panel chair may require for introductions, and includes the presenter's
educational background (highest degree, year awarded, awarding institution,
and field of study).

FOR PANELS: Proposals may be submitted for regular panels (with presentation
of scholarly papers) and roundtable panels (featuring discussion of a
current topic in the field).

REGULAR PANELS: In addition to the information for paper presenters (as
indicated above), the following are also required: a) a title for the
proposed panel, and b) name, affiliation, and contact information of the
panel chair and discussant. Panels should have three or four paper
presenters, a chair, and a discussant. The program committee can accept
panel submissions which lack one or two of these, but no panel proposal
should have fewer than four people who have given a firm assurance that they
definitely plan to participate in the conference unless they are prevented
by circumstances out of their control. If the panel as proposed does not
include a full complement of panelists (i.e., 3-4 presenters, discussant and
chair), the other panel participants may be filled in as necessary by the
program committee if the panel proposal is accepted. Pre-organized panels
should be thematically coherent and may be organized/sponsored by a
scholarly organization (optional).

ROUNDTABLE PANELS: A roundtable has four or five presenters and a
chair/moderator. For roundtable proposals, the organizer must provide a
paragraph describing the panel objectives and providing justification for
use of the roundtable format. The same information is required of each
participant as for regular panels with the exception that abstracts and
paper titles are not required.

SPONSORED PANELS: CESS encourages other institutions supporting the study of
Central Eurasia, such as regional scholarly associations, to organize
"sponsored panels" at the CESS conference -- i.e., panels organized by the
sponsoring institution, involving their members and receiving their imprimatur.

BEST PAPER AWARD: There will be an award in the amount of $500 given to the
best graduate student conference paper submitted to the Awards Committee for
consideration. See the CESS awards webpage for details
(, or contact the Awards
Committee Co-chair, Dr. Uli Schamiloglu .


* SUBMISSION FORMAT: Do not send your proposal in any format other than the
webform or the MS Word form, as the committee will not consider it in that

* ENSURING QUALITY PROPOSALS: Since the selection process is expected to be
quite competitive, we strongly advise you to follow the Guidelines for
Writing Abstracts available on the conference website (see below). Those
who do not do this will have significantly lower chances of their proposal
being accepted. If you do not have web access, we can send you the
guidelines by e-mail upon request.

* COMMITMENT TO PARTICIPATE: By submitting a proposal, you are indicating
your serious intention to participate in the conference -- including your
commitment to take the necessary steps to obtain any required visa or
funding -- unless prevented by circumstances out of your control. You will
be asked to confirm your commitment in June after your proposal is accepted.
Note that, because withdrawal after the program has been put together is very
disruptive and harms the quality of panels, and prevents us from including
people in the program who would indeed be able to attend, CESS rules
stipulate that those who withdraw after June 30 without a good reason are
barred from participating in the conference the following year, and those
who fail to appear at the conference without timely notice to the
Conference Committee will be considered "no-shows" and will be barred from
participating for the next two years. The deadline for such notification
is seven days prior to the conference (Sept. 21), and after this date, no
registration fees can be refunded.

* E-MAIL CONTACT: Since all communication with prospective participants is
via e-mail, and we will require your confirmation of participation in June
after proposals are accepted and again in September when all of your visa
and travel arrangements should be in place, it is vitally important that
you make sure we always have an e-mail address that will reach you. If we
LOSE CONTACT with you after your proposal is accepted, you will be dropped
from the program, will be counted as a "no-show", and will not be able to
participate in the conference.

* ABSTRACTS OF PUBLISHABLE QUALITY: If you are accepted and participate in
the conference, your abstract will be published on the CESS website, so
please write it carefully to avoid errors and ensure that it conforms
with the criteria for a good abstract (see Guidelines for Writing Abstracts
available on the conference website; see below).

* PROGRAM LIMITATIONS: No participant may present more than one paper at
the conference. Without special justification, the program committee will
not schedule any individual to appear on more than two panels as a
presenter or discussant.


Deadline for submission of panel/paper proposals: Friday, APRIL 7, 2006.

* Note: Submissions after this date may be accepted only in the case of
special justifying circumstances and at the discretion of the program

Notification of acceptance: by June 1.

* The Conference Committee will provide, upon request, mailed or faxed
invitation letters to support an application for a visa or travel funds;
these will be sent in the second half of June. Note: Obtaining a U.S. visa
can take a long time, and we urge participants to begin the process
immediately upon notification of their proposal's acceptance.

Pre-registration deadline: Friday, SEPTEMBER 1.

* Note: Pre-registration is not required, but entitles you to significantly
reduced registration fees and, for those not on the program, reserves a space
at the conference, in the event that attendance reaches the maximum capacity.

Deadline for notification of audio-visual requests: August 15.

Papers should be submitted to chairs/discussants: by Friday, SEPTEMBER 8.

* Paper presenters will be informed via e-mail in late August of the
e-mail addresses of their panel's chair and discussant, to whom they should
send their papers by the deadline.

Conference: SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 1.

* Arrival to Ann Arbor is on the afternoon/evening of Thursday, Sept. 28 --
registration opens in the afternoon followed by a reception in the evening.
Panels begin Friday morning, Sept. 29, and continue through mid-day on
Sunday, Oct. 1.


Each conference participant is required to pay a registration fee. The fee
is reduced for CESS members, for University of Michigan students, and for
those who pre-register before the pre-registration deadline -- SEPTEMBER 1.
The level of the fee also depends on your CESS membership dues category
(with some members being entitled to reduced dues -- see the CESS Membership
Form for details).

Payment of registration fees IS REQUIRED for all attending the conference, and
cover an welcoming reception on Thursday and the conference dinner on Friday.
Fees are as follows:

Regular fee members*: $75 (pre-registration) or $100 (at conference)
Reduced fee members**: $50 (pre-registration) or $70 (at conference)
Non-members: $100 (pre-registration) or $130 (at conference)
Univ. of Michigan students: $35 (pre-registration) or $45 (at conference)
UM student CESS members: $25 (pre-registration) or $30 (at conference)

* "Regular fee members" are those who have paid their annual dues at the
full rate ($50).
** "Reduced fee members" are those who have current membership at reduced fees.

For methods of payment, see the Registration Form at:

NOTE: CESS DOES NOT have funds to support the costs of conference
participation, and does not waive the conference fee for participants who
cannot afford it. Paper presenters, other panelists, and conference
attendees are required to pay the registration fee, and additionally, those
included on the program (paper presenters, roundtable panelists,
discussants, etc.) are required to be CESS members in good standing -- i.e.,
to have paid any dues they owe. Participants must obtain their own funding
-- from personal resources, their own institutions, or grant-giving
organizations which provide conference travel grants. Some further
information about possible sources is available on the conference website.


Information about the University of Michigan and the city of Ann Arbor,
transportation options, maps, and lodging information are available on the
University of Michigan's Conference Information page at:
Please be sure to visit this web page for detailed information.

Ann Arbor is located 25 miles from Detroit Metropolitan Airport. A shuttle
service is available from the airport to Ann Arbor. Advance reservations
are required and may be made via the web. Taxis are also available and are
a reasonable option for conference participants arriving together.
Conference sessions will be in the Michigan League, located on the Central
Campus of the University of Michigan. Rooms for lodging have been reserved
for conference participants at a variety of hotels in Ann Arbor. Those
planning to attend CESS 2006 may obtain a reservation for one of the rooms
set aside for the conference by contacting one of the hotels listed on the
University of Michigan's Conference Information page. When speaking with a
reservations clerk, please refer to the reserved block for CESS. Provide
them with a credit card and have the reservation put under your name. Rooms
not spoken for by the end of August will be released to the general public.


The Co-chairs of the Conference Committee are:

Dr. Alexander Knysh (University of Michigan;
Dr. Douglas Northrop (University of Michigan;
Dr. Laura Adams (Princeton University;
Dr. Stephen Hanson (University of Washington, Seattle)
Dr. Scott Levi (University of Louisville;

Full information about CESS 2006 in Ann Arbor may be found on the conference

* Main conference website:
* Registration:
* Program (preliminary version available in June 2006):
* Full information about hosting and location at the University of Michigan:

Virtually all informational questions about the conference can be answered
by consulting the above-mentioned webpages. If you don't have web access,
or if you don't find the answer to your questions there, you can contact the
conference organizers by e-mail at .

The hosts of future CESS conferences are as follows:
2007 - University of Washington-Seattle
2008 - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Conference-related correspondence should be addressed as follows:

Communications regarding local arrangements, including invitation letters,
should be addressed to:

CESS 2006 Annual Conference
Center for Russian and East European Studies
University of Michigan
1080 S. University, Suite 4668
Ann Arbor, MI 48109 U.S.A.
tel.: +1 (734) 764-8571
fax: +1 (734) 763-4765

Communications about proposal submission, program matters, registration
the mailing list, and data updates should be sent to the CESS Secretariat.
Please send payments also to:

Central Eurasian Studies Society
c/o Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus
1730 Cambridge Street, Room S-326
Cambridge, MA 02138 U.S.A.
fax: +1 / 617-495-8319
tel.: +1 / 617-496-2643

Key Web Addresses:

Conference Info.:
CESS 2006 at UMich:
Conference Registr.:
CESS Member Registr.:
CESN Info.:
CESS Awards Info.:

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