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24-Mar-2005 09:21 PM
 GO NURBEK(XRAY) GO! :) Post Reply
Community member
Location: Canada
Home Coutry:
Narod prosit novostey s fronta!

29-Mar-2005 01:11 PM
 Re: GO NURBEK(XRAY) GO! :) Post Reply
Country editor
Location: Germany
Home Coutry:
a rebyata iz frona zaneti! vot ix priziv, mojet esho aktual'no..
NOTE: contatct directly to Askarbek at

Dear FSA fellows in Bishkek,

Please come tomorow to East Wing side of the Academy of Science (its closed these days, if someone would give us a room in IREX would be good) tomorow at 14.00 to discuss about the current situation. We will organize a panel to speak through national TV. As you see it is very hard time for every of us. and we have to do something. Let's forget our eghoistic ambitions but come with a sincere heart to help people. My intention is not to show a "leadership" and use you as many of us like to do, but to help our fellow citizens in this very dangerous time.

Please call other fellows if you know their tel.numbers and inform about the meeting.

With respect,


08-Apr-2005 04:29 AM
 Re: GO NURBEK(XRAY) GO! :) Post Reply
Community member
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Home Coutry:
Sorry, Taras, there was no frontline as I understand it.

I believe, you know most from the news on TV.. even more than we probably.

The events, as I see them, hardly can be called a revolution. More likely a power struggle, so far.. But there is hope - people became very aware of politics and their rights and, what Ihope most, of their responsibilities.

We'll see how the situation develops.

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