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22-Apr-2001 05:35 PM
  returning U.S.
I came to U.S. on an F-1 visa three years ago, I want to go back to China during this summer. I have my new I-20 for next year issued by my University, if I let my advisor sign on the back on my I-20, when I'm in China, do I have to go to the embassy and get another visa? When I'm trying to come back to U.S., what kind of things do I need?

23-Apr-2001 01:13 AM
 Re: returning U.S.
Check the expiration date of the visa in your passport. If it will not expire before you plan to return, then you can use that visa with your new I-20.

Otherwise (if your visa is expired) talk with your int'l. student advisor about what you would need in applying for a new visa. If the person is qualified to sign your I-20, than they should be qualified to tell you what you'll need at the embassy or consulate.

25-Apr-2001 04:31 AM
 Re: returning U.S.
Hi, Bob, thanks for your reply. The visa in my passport has been expired for a long time. What I've heard is that as long as you have a valid I-20, you're still in statue, and your visa is still valid. Is that right? And in that case, if my visa is expired, but I have a I-20, do I still need to get a new visa to return to U.S?

26-Apr-2001 12:15 AM
 Re: returning U.S.
Leslie Rusch
You do need a new visa. When you enter the US, the visa must be valid. Once you're here, it can expire. As long as your I-20 is valid you're fine. But if you leave the US and go anywhere other than Canada or Mexico, you need to have a valid visa.

15-Jul-2005 07:27 AM
 Re: returning U.S.
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