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18-Jun-2006 05:46 AM
 please someone to tell me what to do???? Post Reply
Community member
Location: Tunisia
Home Coutry:
Hi everybody,
I'm a tunisian, I am 19.
This month I get my bac exam and I have enough of money.I wanna study in USA but I don't know what to do?!!Please I need someone to help me...
Thanx for all....

18-Jul-2006 01:04 PM
 Re: please someone to tell me what to do???? Post Reply
Community member
Location: United States
Home Coutry:
Wow, that would be a very long answer.
FIrst I guess you need to figure out where in the US you want to go.
I personnally love Los Angeles, California, so that would be my recommendation.
Once you figure out where you want to go, you need to find out what their regulations are and find their application. This should be a good beginning.
If you need anymore help, I know this website that could help: , it is mostly geared towards international students in los angeles, but you might find some good information there. They also have a forum and they're pretty quick to give you answers. It's a pretty new website but they have been building it. Let me know if that helps.
it was very helpful to me.

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