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05-Mar-2007 04:47 PM
 the forum is dead!!! Post Reply
Country editor
Location: Germany
Home Coutry:
IT is soooooo sad, but true!
here happens NOTHING....the best times are gone...

15-Mar-2007 01:54 AM
 Re: the forum is dead!!! Post Reply
Community member
Location: Armenia
Home Coutry:

Da, vidimo vse zanyaty chem to - rabotoy i ucheboy v osnovnom. A bylo vremya kogda forum kishel no matter how much reading we had to do or how many papers we had to write I think it's not surprising

No vajnee vsego to chto ties of friendship are not lost. I'm writing this post from Almaty, and I had a chance to meet one of our fellaz - YeRKiN!!!! He's ok and in good shape It's nice to meet old friends.

Tak chto pishite lyudi mojet vse taki udastsa vosstanovit' byluyu aktivnost


10-May-2007 09:00 AM
 Re: the forum is dead!!! Post Reply
Community member
Location: Egypt
Home Coutry:

Lady Winter!!! Kak dela? Kak tam De? how is your baby? i fridrih tvoy??? Ty v Km ne priejaesh?

as for the "forum is dead"... as time goes people and their interests change... no ochen priyatno zaiti syuda vremya ot vremeni i uvidet znakomie lica... srazu je stolko memories...
Davaite razoshlem link na etot post vsem s kem u vas ostals kontakt iz staroy FSA gang, pust otmetyatsa v etom topike i raskajut kuda kogo vyvela krivaya amerikanskoy mechty

Keep up!


11-May-2007 01:03 PM
 Re: the forum is dead!!! Post Reply
Community member
Location: Ukraine
Home Coutry:
Hey guys! Neo, thanks for the link Actually I come here from time to time - maybe once per year now You know, when I have this nostalig times about my past... ;)
Well, I don't know who knows me and who remembers me, but still... Nothing much interesting happened in my life after I gota back from the States really. Yep, I feel good about my carreer so far, but I still feel I miss something. Maybe this is because of some personal thoughts and expectations...
Ok, enough of that. If any of you will be in Ternopil, Ukraine - you can e-mail me before that: Will be great to see everybody! Missing all of you a lot!

[Message was edited by Olesya on May 11 ]

02-Jul-2007 02:26 PM
 Re: the forum is dead!!! Post Reply
Community member
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Home Coutry:
hi there,
u probably don't remember me, but i hope some do. anyways, am Ugrad UPenn 00-01 alumni.
i remember chating with some of u, and of corse seeing most of u. oh yeah, i'm Aisulu from Kyrgzstan.
now this portal feels like the field in the movie called "Stalker".
any of you remember going to NYC on Saturday early morning when we were havin orientation program in UPenn? i think it was a cool time.

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